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Buchan, Suzanne (2011) Ghosts in the machine: experiencing animation. In: Watch Me Move. The Animation Show. Merrell, London, pp. 28-38. ISBN 978 1 8589 4558 3

Buchan, Suzanne (2011) The Quay Brothers: into a metaphysical playroom. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. ISBN 9780816646586 (hbk.) : ISBN: 9780816646593 (pbk.)

Buchan, Suzanne (2011) Bruno Schulz’s ‘Generatio aequivoca’: sites of (dis-)enchantment in the Quay Brothers’ street of crocodiles. In: Anti tales: the uses of disenchantment. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 84-97. ISBN 9781443828697

Buchan, Suzanne (2011) A Metaphysics of space: The Quay Brothers atmospheric cosmogonies. In: Toward a new interior: an anthology of interior design theory. Princeton Architectural Press, New York, pp. 527-545. ISBN 9781616890308

Buchan, Suzanne (2011) Tricky spaces: animation, installation and spatial politics. In: Tricky Women – Animationsfilmkunst von Frauen – Women in Animation. Schüren Verlag, Marburg. ISBN 978-3-89472-723-9


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Buchan, Suzanne (2006) Playing with words: typography and text. In: Norwich International Animation Festival. Norwich International Animation Festival Ltd, Norwich, UK, pp. 60-63. ISBN 9780955382208

Buchan, Suzanne (2005) Spacetricks : Trickraum. Christoph Merian Verlag, Zurich. ISBN 0816646597

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Buchan, Suzanne (2002) Uncanny place, narrative space: the architectural imagination of animation. In: What is Architecture? an anthology of texts. Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow, Poland, pp. 354-391. ISBN 838690545X

Buchan, Suzanne (1998) The Quay brothers: choreographed chiaroscuro, enigmatic and sublime. Film Quarterly, 51 (3). pp. 2-15. ISSN 0015-1386

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