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Reimers, Anne (2022) The 'new woman' in white: tennis dress in fashion magazines and painting in 1920s Germany. In: Fashioning the Body for Sport and Leisure: A History of Sport and Textiles. International Conference of Dress Historians, 30 September - 1 October 2022, Art Workers Guild, London, UK.

Reimers, Anne (2022) The new and the outmoded: on the temporal and sacrificial nature of fashion. In: Can Fashion Be Defended? A Symposium in Memory of Djurdja Bartlett, 11 July 2022, London College of Fashion.

Reimers, Anne (2022) Fashion, media and celebrity culture in two portraits by Otto Dix. In: Réévaluer la Nouvelle Objectivité et August Sander. Colloque international, 12-13 May 2022, Centre Pompidou, Paris, and Fondation Max Weber - Centre allemand d’histoire de l’art, Paris. (Unpublished)

Reimers, Anne (2022) "I am in favour of a black-and-white print that does not correspond to the original" (Otto Dix): Weimar Germany's print media culture and oil painting in reproduction. In: Avant-Garde Art on Paper in Europe, 1905-1950, 23 -25 March 2022, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels. (Unpublished)

Reimers, Anne (2022) Otto Dix and Weimar media culture: time, fashion and photography in portrait paintings of the Neue Sachlichkeit. German Visual Culture, 11 . Peter Lang Academic Publishers, Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, New York, Wien. ISBN 9781800791237

Reimers, Anne (2020) Sotheby's. In: The Art Market Dictionary. De Gruyter, Berlin. (Submitted)

Reimers, Anne (2018) Against Kunstkonfektion: art and the problem of fashion in 1920s German arts criticism. In: Signs and symbols: dress at the intersection between image and realia. de Gruyter, Berlin, pp. 245-267. ISBN 9783110515909


Reimers, Anne (2018) Entries. In: The fifth BMW art guide by independent collectors. Hatje Cantz, Berlin. ISBN 9783775744744

Reimers, Anne (2017) Buy art, support an artist: how to create a sustainable collection. In: Creating a sustainable collection, 15 February 2017, Somerset House, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Reimers, Anne (2016) Modeallüre oder Zeittendenz? Zeitlichkeit, Modebegriffe und die Grenzen der Kunstgeschichte in der Kunstkritik der Weimarer Republik. In: Herausgefordert von der Gegenwart: Fragen der kunstkritischen Praxis gestern und heute, 1 July 2016, Art History Department, University of Bochum, Germany. (Unpublished)

Reimers, Anne (2016) Temporality, style and the vocabulary of fashion in 1920s German arts criticism. In: Signs and symbols: dress at the intersection between image and realia, 18 - 21 February 2016, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. (Unpublished)

Reimers, Anne (2015) On aesthetic pleasure: the problem of 'fashion' in 1920s German art journals. In: Association of Art Historians (AAH) Summer Symposium 2015: Fashion & Art History, 29-30 June 2015, University of York, UK. (Unpublished)

Reimers, Anne (2015) Dance, drugs and vampiric people: Anita Berber and Otto Dix, Berlin 1925. In: Disseminating Dress: Britain and the Fashion World, 28-30 May 2015, University of York, UK. (Unpublished)


Reimers, Anne (2014) From fashion icon to incarnation of the abject: Anita Berber and Otto Dix. In: Vile women: female evil in fact, fiction and mythology. At the Interface, 1 . Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, pp. 2-20. ISBN 9781848882881

Reimers, Anne (2013) From fashion icon to priestess of depravity: the dancer Anita Berber in 1920s Berlin. In: Evil Women and the Feminine, May 2013, Prague. (Unpublished)

Reimers, Anne (2011) Cool glamour: fashion and identity in Christian Schad's portrait "Sonja" (1928). In: Fashion: Exploring Critical Issues: 3rd Global Conference, 22-25 September 2011, Mansfield College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK. (Unpublished)

Reimers, Anne and Garrett, Leigh (2009) Piloting Turnitin as a plagiarism detection tool for BA (Hons) dissertations. In: UCA Learning and Teaching Conference, January 2009, British Library, London. (Unpublished)

Reimers, Anne (2008) The 1st year curriculum: enhancing motivation and retention of creative arts students in the contextual studies unit. In: Enhancing curricula: using research and enquiry to inform student learning in the disciplines. Centre for Learning and Learning in Art and Design (CLTAD), New York/London, pp. 63-77. ISBN 9780956038203

Reimers, Anne (2001) Ein Holzschnitt von Herzog Phillip dem Guten von Burgund in der Cronycke van Hollandt Zeelandt ende Vrieslandt, Leiden 1517. In: Genie ohne Namen: der Meister des Bartholomäus-Altars / Genius without a Name: The Master of the Bartholomew-Altarpiece. Dumont, Cologne, pp. 366-367. ISBN 9783770152995

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