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(french for gob smacked)


Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice max patches and drawing on blackboard)
Petri Huurinainen (acoustic guitar with sampler)

Free and structured improvisation around E.W scoring system and vocal repertoire of extended human inarticulation and non-verbal sounds. Her speech is led by instinct emotions and the unconscious impulse of speech gestures. She sometimes uses live digital processing. Huurinainen’s unconventional guitar playing creates in turns brief melodies, looped rhythms odd sounds noises and atmospheres.

Voice and guitar respond to or (mis) lead one another, but always react in the moment, resulting in an hypnotic shared experience between audience and performers.

Performance system (Max MSP patches) programmed by Sebastian Lexer

- Spring studios opening - 4th February 2006 - London
- Lagerhaus Neufelden - 29th April 2006 - Austria
- Interlace concert series - June 2006 - Goldsmiths College London



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