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Interactive video installation

‘ ….. Dismantling the organism has never meant killing yourself, but rather opening the body to connections'. How do you make yourself a body without organs? Deleuze and Guattari (1947)

This ongoing research project aims to explore digital-human relationships at the edge of Language. VINST is the end of me as I know myself. It is a mini me and a maxi me existing at the boundary between reality and fantasy: It is two dimensional, sterile and can only be controlled by others but it is also amoral, polyphonic and immune to viruses.

VINST is a unique vocal instrument, part human part virtual: an extraordinary fusion of human body and digital technology responding to touch but also to mood and sensibility.

(1 ) VINST vocabulary is based on vowels used as pure tones combined with consonants as percussive and rythmic interventions, the natural sounds of emotions (laughing, crying, sighing,....) and sensations ( pain, pleasure…) and a few phonemes which are unique to VINST. Around 50 different sounds
(2 ) VINST has a virtual sex organ which is neither male or female but a distortion of both, a uniball hanging from the pelvis down to the knees and the sonic location for various degrees of pleasure.
(3) Via VINST one may release and share emotions and sensations thus transforming them into (non) melodic sound works. (according to one’s musical abilities taste and sensibilities)

programmed in Max MSP and Jitter by Sebastian Lexer
with financial support from Arts Council London and UCCA research Fund

- VINST3 installation and related drawings, in El cuerpo (con)sentido: una (re)presentación visual, Centro de Historia, Zaragoza. March to May 2008. Christopher Bucklow, Lucy Gunning, Del LaGrace Volcano, Melanie Manchot, Charles Sandison, Richard Sawdon-Smith, Jemima Stehli, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, John Wood & Paul Harrison, Alexa Wright and Bettina von Zwehl.
- VINST3 installation 1st september 2006 – at theatre museum covent garden London – part of the Singer and the Song festival curated by HOME -

download description of the various aspects of the project

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VINST installation - El cuerpo (con)sentido - Zaragoza 

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